About Us


Somali Rebuild Organization is a local non-governmental and non-profit making organization and it was established the mid of 2012. The Somali Rebuild Organization, or SRO, has worked to improve the situation of youth locally. The primary focus is on the problems of the youth in their struggle to obtain a life in respect to education. The most important components of SRO is to stabilize the environment, empower the community and to give access to healthcare and proper resources.The Somali Rebuild Organization strives to minimize the number of youth and children who are subjected to violence by empowering them through knowledge and greater economic stability.  It strengthens youth socially by improving their standard of living and thereby fortifying the family. SRO programs focus on youth and children at the grassroots level, in areas of intervention, prevention and advocacy together with networking of youth groups for community development and peace locally and internationally. In addition to serving the local Somali youth, SRO supports the establishment of proper resources for disadvantaged people in Somalia. Such resources include establishing educational centers for deaf, blind and disabled.


The country of Somalia shows records of conflicts that have destroyed the countries basic infrastructures. These conflicts have displaced lives, which led to the deaths of many Somali citizens. This is due to an ongoing conflict of political changes which has led to the destruction of all sectors. Most of the youth in Somalia are unable to attend school due to the civil war. Majority of the schools in Somalia are private, which makes it too expensive for students. The war made it difficult for students to attend primary schools let alone universities. The students have the drive to learn, but the cost of education is a major barrier to their futures. These ongoing civil conflicts have produced a generation of people who lack experience in the development on an effective government, leading to dis-advantaged access to education, healthcare, and basic social needs. SRO aims to provide a strong community presence for those who fled the country in search of opportunities. The State of Minnesota has a large Somali community that needs support to provide adequate resources and programs to inspire youth to become productive members of society.