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Nov 25

Lights On Afterschool Celebration


Somali Rebuild participated in the national Lights On after school Celebration on October, 23rd, 2017.  This was the first time our students and youth participated in the Lights On after school cerebration. Many parents, youth and students came to the event in addition to organizations such UMR, Rochester STEM academy, Rochester Math and Science, and Minnesota …

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Nov 13

Rochester Ford Van Donation

We would like to thank Rochester Ford for contributing to Somalia Rebuild Organization through a van donation. The van will greatly assist with the transportation for low-income students to and from our after school program. In addition it will be used to transport youth when traveling for sports tournaments.   We would personally like to …

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Sep 02

Trip to Mall of America.


With the end of summer comes the start of school. However some are looking forward to SRO’s after-school program. On August 25th, we helped the kids celebrate the end of summer with a trip to Mall of America.  

Aug 07

Parent Education Class


The Rochester Somali Community has gathered on behalf of Somalia Rebuild Organization’s Parent Education Class. The event was held at Rochester STEM Academy on Saturday August 5th, 2017. Key speakers at the event were: Fanah H. Adam, (MS) Educational Leadership Academic Admission Advisor, South Central College Mankato Michael D. Anthony, PH.D. Vice President of Student …

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Apr 01

Listening Session for Rochester’s Immigrant and Refuge Community.


Somalia Rebuild Organization had the opportunity to attend a Listening Session for Rochester’s immigrant and refuge community. The purpose of this meeting was to meet our State and federal elected officials. We had a discussion about issues pertaining to the community. Such issues included Healthcare, Muslim ban, and immigration. We had the opportunity to meet …

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Feb 11

Rochester Full Service Community Schools Event


As the Executive Director of Somalia Rebuild Organization I had the opportunity to attend the Rochester Full Service Community Schools event held on Thursday, February 9 Rochester ALC. The event was focused on the collective partnerships between Rochester Public Schools, United Way of Olmsted County, the individual school site, and other community resources. The Mayor …

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Jan 22

Somali Rebuild Organization hosted a friendly basketball game at the local Rochester YMCA on Sunday, January 15th, 2017


Somali Rebuild Organization hosted a friendly basketball game at the local Rochester YMCA on Sunday, January 15th, 2017. Four teams in total played against each other classified into two divisions.  The 1st division was aged from 12- 13 and the 2nd division was aged 13-16. Two teams from Rochester, MN and two teams from Minneapolis, …

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Dec 26

Students Leaders Creating Change with Diversity Council Rochester


Our after-school program consisted of teaching the Somali youth English, Math, and Science. Somalia Rebuild Organization had the opportunity to implement the “Students Leaders Creating Change” training sponsored by the Diversity Council of Rochester, MN. The Students Leaders Creating Change training program, continued for four months from September 2016 to December 21,2016. All of the …

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Dec 02

Community Dialogue


Somalia Rebuild Organization would like to thank the University of MN Rochester for hosting a panel of discussions for Muslims facing possible registry.  The purpose of the event was to provide a platform for meaningful dialogue. In addition the event showed the level of diversity within the community and to build a bridge between Muslims, …

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Oct 18

Somali Small Business Training

Somalia Rebuild Organization hosted the Southeast Somali Small Business Training event in Rochester MN on Sunday October 16th, 2016. More than 40 small business owners from the area attended the event. SRO has had Somali Trainers with Masters and P.h.D Degrees to give opportunities to discuss ways to advance their small businesses. The SMIF foundation …

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