Aug 02

After School Program

Somalia Rebuild Organization is running one of it’s after school classes. SRO helps young students build the basic math, reading, science, and writing skills needed to succeed in school. The classes are held twice a week. The class was attended by many parents and older youth.


Jul 18

Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run on July 17th, 2016.

Somalia Rebuild Organization hosted the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run on July 17th, 2016.

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is an international torch relay that visits many organizations. The hope is spread the message of peace for a more perfect and brighter world.
Now in its 29th year, the Peace Run, the longest torch relay in the world, takes place in more than 100 countries on six continents. The Peace Run was founded in 1987 by the late peace visionary Sri Chinmoy, in a spirit of optimism, love and oneness. This spirit permeates the Run and touches the hearts of all those who participate.

The philosophy of the Peace Run is “peace begins with me.” These simple activities encourage students to reflect and to consider how they can further peace in their lives, in their families, and in their communities.

To get more information about the event visit this link;…

Many members of the Somali community attended the event and were able to take part in it’s mission to ignite peace around world. Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run gave a participation award to Somalia Rebuild Organization.

Jul 09

Ramadan Cup

Somali Rebuild Organization participated in the annual Ramadan Cup, Rochester, MN.  Eight teams have competed for the trophy. The Ramadan cup is organized by Daud Ali (Aideed) the chairmen of the Somali sports teams of Rochester. The teams that reached the finals were S&A FC and Sudan FC who competed for 1st place. S&A FC won the championship game. Smart Choice FC and Somalia Rebuild Organization FC competed for third place. Somalia Rebuild FC went on to win third place.

The Ramadan cup was attended by the police department, Somali leaders, business owners and youth. The goal of the Ramadan cup is to bring communities together in order benefit the city,


May 22

SMIF’s Prosperity Initiative graduates first 6 minority-owned southern Minnesota businesses

One of  Somalia Rebuild Organization’s goals is to improve and expand the Somalia small businesses in Southeast Minnesota. Recently SRO has worked closely with SMIFoundation to better assist the needs of the Somali business owners.  Part of SMIFoundations programs is the Prosperity Initiative and our executive director and founder was able to participate in the program and is now one of the 6 minority-owned Southern Minnesota business graduates.  The Prosperity Initiative is intended to promote minority-owned business growth in southern Minnesota, is funded in part by Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).


Apr 09

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony |Tuesday April 5th, 2016|

Somali Rebuild Organization moved to a new location at 1700 North Broadway Suite 152A, Rochester,MN. Omar Yusuf Nur the Executive Director and Founder welcomed city leaders and Somali community members to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony. The Rochester Chamber of Commerce hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony because SRO is member of the chamber Mayor Ardell Brede cut the ribbon to officially open the new location of Somali Rebuild Organization. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Tuesday April 5th, 2016


Mar 21

Youth Intervention Program Association (YIPA) Quarterly Meeting of the Association March 11th, 2016

Somalia Rebuild attended the YIPA quarterly meeting of the association in Brooklyn, MN. Many organizations from greater Minnesota attended to serve the youth. The event was sponsored by Wells Fargo and it was great opportunity to network learn about other organization who have a similar mission as SRO.


Mar 11

Minority Business Conference |March 4th, 2016|-Rochester Area Foundation

Somalia Rebuild Organization attended the “Minority Business Conference” presented by the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF). Somali Rebuild Organization partnered with SMIF to bring together minorities ranging from Somalian, Latinos, and others. More than 10 Somali business owners attended the conference to learn about opportunities that could enhance their business,

Jan 21

Youth Sports Program- Season Awards

Somalia Rebuild Organization hosted the end of the season final tournament from the 2015 season.  The white team won first place while the orange team secured second place.  The season MVP was Burhan Hassan and played well throughout the season.  The event was held at the YMCA on January 16th, 2016.  These youth had the opportunity to play as a team in a safe environment where they could grow their skills. Next season we plan to expand team members and provide training so each of these students are ready to play against other leagues.

Jan 17

Somali Parent Education Class- Rochester, MN, January 15th, 2016

Somalia Rebuild Organization highlights one of their Somali Parent Education Class with key presenters such as Kevin Torgerson  the Sharif of Olmsted County and Lisa Weber from the Rochester Public School system.  The Sharif explained how the city, county, state , and national law enforcement departments work. He answered many important questions that Somali Parents were eager to know. Lisa explained how the Rochester Public School system works and how important the collaboration between parents and the school system can benefit the community.

Some of the topics included the closing the gap between law enforcement and Somali youth. Other key topics include increasing the connection between the Rochester School System and Somali Parents.  If we continue  to collaborate with Somali parents and the school system we can see a large impact on the success of the Somali youth in regards to education.

This class had the largest attendance over 60 Somali parents and it was held at the Rochester Area Foundation.




Dec 31

The Director-General of Somali Immigration and Naturalization Department and the Somali Counselor at Washington D.C visit Rochester to Address the Issues of the Youth.

Somalia Rebuild Organization had the opportunity to be part of the welcome conference held in Rochester, MN on December 28th, 2015.

The topic at the event included the development of Somalia youth among other issues.

The Director-General of Somali Immigration and Naturalization Department, General Abdullahi Gaafow Mohamoud and the Somali Counselor at Washington D.C, Thabit, Abdi led the discussion. The most notable points of the conference were to reduce the number of inmates in prison and the reduction of crimes among Somali youth. The goal of the event was to connect the Somali inmates with resources such as free communication with Washington D.C.  The communication would aid inmates with a proper trial and even have the option of leaving  the country if approved.

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